The mission of Casablanca Consultants is to showcase the talent of Detroit and integrate the artistry toward community enrichment.

I get asked the question everyday: What is an “Arts Manager” and what do they do?

Good Question!!!

Arts Management is Integrating management with art to create something AMAZING

Detroit is a city alive with artistic vibrancy. Jazz, Theatre, Dance, Opera, Galleries. Another cultural renaissance is underway here. Excitement is in the air!

Everywhere I turn I run into artists who are doing fabulous work. But in order to get their work seen or displayed requires time and effort apart from their core talent. That’s where I come in as an arts manager. My role is to listen. To ascertain what it is the artist wants to do with their work.

Once that is established, I work hard with the artist to make that AMAZING thing happen.

Artists are dedicated to their craft, the content of what they do. Their passion. . .And they usually have a “day job” that pays the bills. That leaves little or no time to do anything else.

Casablanca Consultants work with artists in developing plans to establish and reach their short and long term goals. It’s like an alchemy: bringing art together with management

to get their art out,

to celebrate milestones,

to showcase their work and the city.