. . .So what is arts management?

In a previous post, I gave my definition of Arts Management and my role as an arts manager. Feedback from that post suggested that perhaps a bit more concrete detail was warranted. Fair enough.

Building Community Through The Arts

There are many facets to Arts Management. We start with strategic planning and decision making. From there, we develop concrete strategies and plans to manage artists and arts and cultural organizations. These strategies include developing business plans and organizational development, board management, fund-raising and program development, which includes arts education programs and effective evaluation.

Effective management is the goal, with a view to position each client or institution in the largest possible social context. Arts Managers negotiate the real-world challenges of competing priorities, which involves reconciling aesthetic, managerial and economic considerations.

We develop and lead arts organizations, from mission definition, strategic planning, organizational development, program development, and resource generation, in the context of philosophical, political, and policy issues surrounding the administration of arts institutions in the United States today.

As an emerging field, the services that are provided by arts managers probably vary depending on the venue and the demographics in the community. However the goal of art management is the same wherever the locale, to build the community through the arts.


Calling All Playwrights!

. . .So you thought I was kidding about a theatre festival comprised solely of plays about Detroit?


Oh No! I was so serious. And I want it to be super fantastic so I am planning way ahead and need a strong dedicated team.

So. . . here we go! SAVE THE DATE : Summer 2020 (it’s right around the corner!)


                                                                                                            “CASABLANCA DETROIT 2020 PLAY FESTIVAL”



  • 20 plays
  • 20 minutes each
  • About 20 things in Detroit History

There is certainly a lot to write about, so I am excited to think about the possibilities.

Let me know how you feel about the Detroit 2020 Play Festival. It is still in the planning stages, so ideas and suggestions are welcome.

More details to follow in the months ahead.

Please contact me at