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“Moving Up North”
By Jennifer Ellis
Edna Mae love of her life has proposed to her and wants her to leave the South and head to Detroit to start a new life. But Edna Mae's sharecropping parents are reluctant to let her move up north.

By Charity Clark-Anderson
Sons is the story of the consequences faced when 17 yr. Mario’s father and step mother move him and his brother to the affluent Palmer Woods area of Detroit. Mario lived on Detroit’s lower east side, and took care of his brother and substance abusing mother until his father came for them. Mario and his cousin KeShawn discuss his new neighborhood, culture shock, money problems, girls, and his dislike of his step mother. When he receives a call from his mother who is looking for money, Mario makes the decision to revisit his old neighborhood to find a way to help her.

“A Gentle Place”
By Joseph Pete
Inspired by Charlie LeDuff's 2009 Detroit News story about a homeless man found frozen in the elevator shaft of an abandoned warehouse, "A Gentle Place" explores how society discards people and buildings, and how urban decay narratives can dominate how Detroit gets portrayed, crowding out less dramatic depictions.

“The Devil Tree”
By Roberta Ralston
Newbie has bought vacant lots in Detroit for a community garden. Resident feels Newbie doesn’t belong nor welcomes him. But they have a common interest – gardening. Newbie’s connection to the land is scientific and Resident’s connection is symbolic and supernatural. Newbie learns about the devil tree and other folklore. He scoffs at it until the tree winks at him. He is overwhelmed by the experience and decides to leave but it is too late. Resident has accepted Newbie and his vision for the land.

“The Mural Near the Ford Plant”
By Arthur French
A recently laid off Ford Plant worker takes to his paintbrush to finish a mural he's worked on for years to having a conversation with the man who laid him off with surprising results.

“The Nerd Corner”
By Brandon Elliot
Robin Hamilton is a freshman who is attending Cass Technical High School. She’s shy and inspires to become a writer/animator. Due to her interests, she doesn’t believe there’s many people at the school interested in the entertainment she’s into. However, she is mistaken.

“Salon Uncensored”
By Alondra Vasquez, Angelita Vlasic, Denasia Robinson and Gabrielle Clayton
Play created by the Matrix Theatre Youth Education Program.

Calling all Playwrights!!! to the Detroit Heritage Theatre Festival

Casablanca Consultants Is looking for the NEXT GREAT PLAYWRIGHT!!
This is a forum for playwrights of all ages to showcase their material to professionals and a theatre going audience. Playwrights will be acknowledged in local media.
Submit a 10-minute play about any aspect of rich Heritage of the Great City of Detroit. Selected plays will be featured during the Detroit Heritage Theatre Festival May 17-19, 2019.
Each entry should be conducive to being staged in a BLACK BOX theatre, with minimal props, costumes, properties or technical effects. The entry must contain a clearly defined beginning, middle and end, along with a brief synopsis and character breakdown.

Interested theatre artists should forward materials via email with contact information to:

Karen Chappelle:
Deadline: MARCH 31, 2019
Number of Pages: not to exceed 10 pages
All entries must contain:
1. cover page
2. Brief synopsis and character breakdown
4. Photo/bio of author/student/playwright
5. Contact information
6. via e mail to karen@casablancadetroit.com
Information: www.casablancadetroit.com
Sponsorship packages available.