organizational Assesment2

Organizational assessment/ overview

Study current status and strength of your organization

– Comparison studies
– Design custom client measurement tools
– Conduct evaluations/surveys
– Study data
– Make recommendations for organizational improvement/growth
Tariff: $1,000 (price may vary according to size of organization)

Detroit Heritage Theatre Festival

May 17-19, 2019

Deadline to submit plays is March 31, 2019
Contact: (313) 683-1951

board Dev copy

Non-profit board development and training

Full day board retreat including:

Roles and responsibilities of boards
Developing a case for support
Mission statements
Preparation of materials
Follow up calls
Transform your board from mediocre to a governance and get things done
Tariff: $2,500

creating something amazing

Creating Something Amazing

  • Theatre Festivals
  • Film festivals
  • Art exhibits
  • Community projects
Fees and tarifs:

Hourly : 200.00
Monthly Retainer Rates: From 500 to 5,000 discounts available for 3 months paid in advance
Custom Design Pricing on Project Designs

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Board Member Retreat

Aligning board members in common vision and purpose.
Maximizing your capabilities and strengths to achieve greater impact.

Retreat Goals:

Strengthen the board structure and governance of the organization to allow its leaders to effectively manage your organization, respond to changing environments, and ensure long term resources for the organization.

Increase the fundraising capabilities of your organization to support your long-term sustainability.

Retreat Objectives:

Align board chair and executive director
Impart effective fundraising and board development strategies

Create a strong peer network
Provide an implementation toolkit and valuable time for reflection

Focus on resiliency in challenging times. Thinking differently. Being courageous. Managing Change. Working side by side. Discovering new approaches. Realizing solutions.

board member bootcamp

Board Member Boot Camp

Trends and Leading Practices in Non-Profit Governance

The world has changed and Board members need to adapt and change to meet increased demands for mission success and effectiveness. Drawing on trends and developments in nonprofit governance, this retreat moves beyond the basics of board roles and responsibilities. Board members will learn about new and/or evolving practices in nonprofit governance and how boards can incorporate current leading practices into their work.

You will learn:
  • Trends in the sector and how they relate to effective governance and board service
  • The critical board/executive director relationship in times of change
  • Transformative governance and the new reality of the nonprofit sector
  • The role of risk in today’s nonprofit boardrooms and how board members can best manage that risk

The mission of Casablanca Consultants
is to showcase the talent of Detroit and integrate the artistry toward community enrichment.

Talent.  Opportunity.  Engagement.